Anonymous payments & crowdfunding through blockchain.

Unlock the power of secure, anonymous payments and embrace the future of crowdfunding with blockchain technology. 

Apply Business

Bring your entrepreneurial vision to life by applying your business to our platform. We provide the support and exposure needed to elevate your venture to new heights.

Become Investor

Step into a world of innovative investment opportunities by becoming an investor with us. Your contributions can shape the future of groundbreaking projects and startups.

Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program to turn your network into a revenue stream. By promoting our platform, you earn rewards while helping us grow. Earn 7.5% for each referal.

Existing Projects

Explore our curated selection of existing projects that showcase the potential of our ecosystem. Each project is a testament to the innovation and creativity of our community.

Meet our flagship product: LitasWallet

Unlock the full potential of digital finance with the LITAS Wallet. Designed for privacy, flexibility, and empowerment, our wallet serves as your gateway to a new era of financial freedom and innovation.

This is more than just a wallet

Online shopping

Our e-commerce implementation introduces a seamless LITAS payment plugin for online shops, enabling customers to make purchases using LITAS tokens. This innovative solution bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and everyday commerce, providing a secure, efficient, and streamlined payment process for both businesses and consumers.

Crowdfunding Businesses

Our platform uniquely enables investors to channel their funds into physical businesses, merging the digital with the tangible. This approach not only diversifies investment portfolios but also strengthens real-world economies, creating a symbiotic relationship between traditional businesses and the advancing digital finance landscape.

Active Support & Development

Our dedication to active support and continuous development ensures our platform stays innovative and responsive. With a team committed to enhancing and broadening our offerings, we provide a dynamic ecosystem that meets user needs today while anticipating future trends in blockchain and digital finance.

Swap & Bridge

Our in-house exchange offers a robust platform for trading LITAS tokens, along with other cryptocurrencies, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience. This initiative enhances liquidity and accessibility for LITAS, facilitating easier transactions and fostering a vibrant ecosystem for users to engage in the digital economy.

History-free Code

Our history-free code ensures the utmost privacy for our users by automatically deleting all transaction records older than 30 days. This feature is designed to enhance anonymity and security, providing a digital environment where financial activities leave no trace after a month, aligning with our commitment to user privacy and data protection.

Voting rights

Our platform empowers token holders with voting rights, granting them a significant voice in our decision-making processes. This democratic approach ensures that the community’s preferences and interests directly influence the direction and development of our ecosystem. By holding tokens, members become integral to our governance, shaping the future of our project through their votes and contributions.

The story so far

In the heart of our mission, LITAS is dedicated to empowering businesses by unlocking the vast potential of blockchain technology. We provide an innovative platform where SMEs can gain access to essential financial services, including seamless investment opportunities and crypto-based funding solutions. Our approach is designed to democratize the financial landscape, making it more accessible and equitable for businesses at various stages of growth.

11 Team Members

4 Partners

10,000+ Joined audience

$160,000+ Capital raised


Our seed sale offers early supporters a first look and investment opportunity in our project, providing exclusive access at the most favorable terms. This foundational phase is crucial for initial funding and setting the stage for future growth.


Following the seed sale, our private sale targets a broader group of investors, offering access before the public sale, with attractive pricing and terms. This stage is designed to build momentum and secure key partnerships.


The public sale opens investment opportunities to the wider community, allowing anyone to participate and contribute to our ecosystem’s expansion. This phase marks a significant milestone, democratizing access to our tokens and laying the groundwork for our platform’s launch.
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