A Simple 3-Step Investment Guide

Create Your Account

Start your Litas investment journey effortlessly by setting up your account using only your email address. This quick and secure process is designed to provide you with immediate access to our platform, ensuring a smooth start to your investment experience.

Navigate to the Buy Option

Once your account is active, head over to the HOME section and look for the “Buy” button. A simple click will take you straight to the buy screen, where the world of Litas investments opens up. This step is all about ease and convenience, guiding you smoothly to where the action happens.

Investment Details and Payment Method

In the buy screen, you’ll find the options to select the exact amount of Litas you wish to invest and choose your preferred payment method. Whether you’re connecting a web3 wallet for a seamless transaction or opting for a direct transfer, our platform makes it straightforward to tailor your investment to your preferences, ensuring a personalized and efficient investment process.
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