This is an innovative ERC20 token built on the basis of Ethereum blockchain. It serves as the financial cornerstone of “Wonderland” project and the lighthouse of digital revolution. The name “Litas” is more than just a label – it is a tribute to the rich financial heritage of Lithuania ingeniously linking historical continuity with the cutting-edge digital world.

Unlike any other ordinary token “Litas” is not just a digital currency, it represents a share in the continued success of “Wonderland” along with the future of web3-enabled businesses.

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Our primary project “Wonderland” is an established platform that has been successfully operating in the market for the past 3 years with over 15000 active users. This platform has been functioning as the viable heart of “Litas” ecosystem feeding “Litas” evolution with its earnings. As a token holder you’re not merely investing in a digital asset but also holding a stake in this flourishing business. This setup allows “Litas” to offer the best of two worlds – the growth potential of business shares and the flexibility of digital currencies.

“Litas” is designed to support the growth of “Wonderland” where a significant portion of the profit of “Wonderland” profits is being invested back to “Litas” ecosystem. However, our vision of “Litas” extends far beyond “Wonderland”. We are building “Litas” to stand for as a digital financial solution for businesses across the web3 environment offering an anonymous and secure payment method that respects user privacy.
We seek “Litas” to become the financial bedrock of numerous businesses marking a significant shift in the dynamics of our ecosystem. As we grow and expand Wonderland we also strive to grow and expand the availability of “Litas” cultivating its wider acceptance across various industries and geographical locations.

A key feature of “Litas” is its democratic spirit inviting “Litas” holders to vote on significant business decisions. We’re forging a future where our operations are transparent, decisions are democratic and the community plays a vital role in shaping its own destiny.
The functionality of “Litas” extends far beyond mere transactions. It’s a symbol of transparency and decentralization within our business operations. It’s a measure for change, for growth and for progress. In principal, “Litas” is more than just a token – it’s a bold statement about the future of business, a future that we invite you to be a part of.

As we navigate the journey of “Wonderland” we seek to exemplify the transformative power of Web3 for other businesses. Through integrating “Litas” and the transparency of blockchain we illuminate the advantages of a decentralized system. Basically, “Wonderland” is not just a project but a real-life demonstration of how Web3 can redefine the norms of business and unlock innovative possibilities. Our ultimate goal is to pave the way towards a decentralized future by positioning “Wonderland” as a compelling testament to the potential of Web3.


Reinvestment of profits

LITAS will be directly tied to Wonderland services. Revenue generated from Wonderland services will be reinvested in the LITAS ecosystem. Thus, constantly increasing its value and reducing the circulating amount of tokens. This method will ensure that the price will grow, and the distributed tokens will be unlocked in small quantities on a regular basis to protect investors from sudden price spikes.

Public information

All information on the blockchain is publicly available, thus guaranteeing transparency to investors while maintaining anonymity. This method is the most suitable for our ecosystem, since every LITAS investor becomes a shareholder of the Wonderland project directly and gets access to all preliminary information. By following the development of the Wonderland project, the newly integrated features, the amount of LITAS in circulation, the “burning” of the token, the integration of the token into other projects, you will have the opportunity to see the projection of the perspective of LITAS for the future. This information will be provided exclusively to early investors and backers of the project and will enable them to choose the best time to buy/sell their holdings. All Wonderland growth plans (additional services/new markets) will be announced first to this audience.


We are creating LITAS in order to ensure anonymous and convenient payment for services provided in the Wonderland project. For members subscription fee, posting ads, advertising. We will also provide an opportunity to pay in our E-shop and sexshop. Thus setting an example and paving the way for other businesses that we will offer to join our LITAS ecosystem.